JacksFirstFishFull disclosure:  I don’t fish.

Putting the words Wisconsin & Fish into the same sentence to me means three things:
1.  Fish Creek (great place to vacation in Door County)
2.  Fish Fry (that Friday night dinner phenomenon)
3.  Fish Boil (again in Door County, but this time it’s great food)

However, I have family who adore the sport of fishing and so I try to remain open-minded.  For those of you anglers who’ve been awaiting the official start of the season, mark you calendars for May 2nd as the Governor’s Fishing Opener.  In anticipation we’ve assembled the following resources…

If the cool, wet weather has you only dreaming of fishing, check out these articles, blogs & sites for inspiration:

Upcoming April fishing events include:

This DNR page features color pictures of Wisconsin’s fish species, print off & take along for the kids (or anyone) new to fishing.  Also, see this site by TakeMeFishing.org for great kid activities, stories & links.  Finally, FishingFacts.com features their list of Ten things an angler would NEVER say:

  1. Does my catfish stink bait smell too rank?
  2. I have all the fishing tackle I’ll ever need.
  3. That fish is too big, throw ‘em back!
  4. Take me to the shore, so that I may use the restroom.
  5. The one I caught was a lot smaller than yours.
  6. Sure, you can have the last nightcrawler!
  7. Fishing is so bad today, I’d rather be at work.
  8. I’ll ask my mother-in-law to go along fishing next week.
  9. I can’t make the tournament – I have tickets to the ballet!
  10. (Had to leave you in suspense, click to their site to see)

As always, don’t forget to head on over to WisconsinLodging.info to plan your fishing trips- find over 200 properties throughout Wisconsin with fishing available onsite!


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