Ice Fishing Wisconsin

As I’ve shared in a previous post, I don’t fish. However, in the spirit of remaining open-minded, I’d like to once again ramble a bit about fishing – or to be more exact, Ice Fishing.

Here’s what I know:

  1. First, you need to make sure the ice is thick enough to support you (at least 4″ thick if it’s just you, 12″ thick for your ice shanty or snowmobile)
  2. Then, you start dressing in layers – LOTS of layers!
  3. Next, add warm, waterproof footwear (you’ll be standing on ICE, remember!)
  4. Finally, you’ll need something to cut through the ice & fishing equipment

That’s all I know.

However, there are experts across the web who speak fluent ice fishing, including those at the Wisconsin DNR. There’s also with a full line-up of articles including Secrets of the Pros and the National Ice Fishing Association‘s web site.
Had to share this as well, ‘cuz it made me laugh!

Now, get out your calendars because there are a host of fun “Fisherees”, “Derbies” and “Jamborees” across Wisconsin in the coming days:
January 30th
Hancock Lions Club Fisheree, Fish Lake
5th Annual Justin Donner Memorial Fisheree, Mercer

January 31st
Phillips Winter Fest features an ice fishing contest on Lake Duroy
Lake Montesian Fisharee/ Chickaree, Monticello

February 6th
Ice Fishing Jamboree, Mosinee
Sno Gypsies Winterfest Fisheree, Park Falls
6th Annual Ice Fishing Rumble, Phillips
Plum Lake EMT’s Holes for Life, St. Germain
50th Annual BPCA Winter Fishing Derby, Lake Onalaska

As always, don’t forget to head on over to to plan your ice fishing getaways!


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  1. Spur of the Moment Ranch’s avatar

    There is also the Fish-O-Rama on Chute Pond in Mountain, WI February 6 & 7, 2010 Great Fishing and Prizes with a fund raiser for the Mountain Fire Department Auxcillary. Please join the fun…