Congratulations to Jane and Chris, winners of a free night of lodging at The Ashbrooke in Door County and the Ramada Plaza Hotel & Waterpark in Green Bay!

We’ve got three giveaways for today, plus a huge last day of FIVE amazing getaways for Friday, including a $250 Best Western gift card!

Here’s today’s challenge: what was the best Wisconsin meal you ever had? Was it breakfast at a quaint B&B? Steak dinner in the city? Did you make it yourself? What made the meal so memorable?

Three winners will be picked at random to win one of three overnights: Spring Brook Vacation Rentals in Wisconsin Dells, a couples-only retreatat Percheron Paradise Romantic Hideaway in La Crosse or a stay at the Landing Resort in Door County.

This contest will close TODAY at 4:30 pm CDT, so comment early and tell your friends!


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  1. Maggie’s avatar

    Hard to pin point the best meal ever when Wisconsin is home to so many great foods. I’d have to say some of the best are any hot summer day at a relatives lake with brats and burgers and fun and family. Hard to have a brat without the SouerKraut! And another favorite is breakfast in Door County at the Cookery, they have the best Granola French Toast with Nueske’s bacon! Makes me drool! So many others and it’s the company that makes it memorable!

  2. Dan Albertin’s avatar

    The best Wisconsin meal I have ever eaten was with my wife to be approx. twenty-some years ago. A little pizza place called Ingrilli’s Villa in Milwaukee had absolutely great pizza. A great crust with a nice sweeter sauce and an abundance of mozzarella made for a memorable meal. I considered asking my wife to marry me that night but chickened out and waited three more weeks. Ingrilli’s has been closed for a number a years but the memory will be with me always.

  3. Alana’s avatar

    The best meal I remember was at Paul Bunyan’s Log Cabin after a long weekend up north with friends from high school. We were all just about to head off to our freshman year of college. It was great to sit back and talk about all the memories from the last 12 years of our life and toast to the next phase! We probably spent over 2 hours there, the staff didn’t mind and the food was great!

  4. veronica’s avatar

    Hands down, Strawberry brats at the Cedarburg Strawberry festival. Can’t wait til it comes around each year.

  5. Maggie’s avatar

    I have to add a place I just thought of. This little pizza place in Cedarburg,
    Tomaso’s Italian American has some of the BEST pizza I have ever had! The sauce is so good and the toppings seem right from the garden! And a visit there usually involves a shopping trip with the girls!

  6. Debby’s avatar

    So much good food, so little time. I’d have to say the best pizza around here is ‘Tony’s’ and the best dessert is at the ‘Courthouse Pub.’ I see someone mentioned ‘strawberry brats.’ Sounds very intriguing! I’ve been going to Strawberry Fest for years, and I didn’t know they made such a thing!

  7. Stacy’s avatar

    We enjoyed a lovely meal at Quivey’s Grove in Fitchburg on a special occasion:

    Once I was able to eat at the American Club in Koehler WI & would love to go back!

    Both times I don’t recall what I actually ate, just that both were wonderful experiences.

    Locally we enjoy The Speakeasy. It’s always great food & different from all the chain restaurants in Janesville!

  8. Anita’s avatar

    Fresh perch fish fry at Marique’s in Green Bay is in a league of its own. Being raised on Green Bay, fresh perch meals were always a treat back in the day. Mariques fish are always superb!

  9. Jessica’s avatar

    It would have to be a homemade dinner on the campfire at a public campground on the shore of Gresham lake in Minocqua,WI . It is such a beautiful and peaceful place.

  10. Jake D.’s avatar

    Boy there are so many. I would say the state fair has many good ones, but since I love pizza I will have to pick organ piper. It is fun and good pizza. Also there is this pancake place in the Dells that is awesome.

  11. james s.’s avatar

    Crabby’s at the Dells would be our pick. Great food and a great selection to choose from. The seafood is why we went and we were not disappointed. You will walk/roll out with a full belly, guaranteed.

  12. MJ’s avatar

    The best meal I had was last night at McCormick & Schmicks by the Mayfair Mall. It was Wild Pacific Red Rockfish with basil mashed potatoes, asparagus salad, spring pea puree with white truffle oil.
    It was outstanding!

  13. Kim’s avatar

    My choice for a good meal is the Seafood buffet at the Dellwood Supper Club in Friendship, Wisconsin. Nice variety and the price is very reasonable. Will not go away hungry. Locally the fish fry from Sussex Inn is very good also.

  14. Kristin Cunningham’s avatar

    Hard question. So many great foods and restaurants here in Wisconsin. I would have to say the best Wisconsin meal was at Fish Tales Restaurant in the Lake Wisconsin area of Lodi, WI. They have crab legs that are unbelievable and great steaks… but my favorite is their classic perch fish fry on a Friday night, with a bottle of Wollersheim wine from the winery just a few miles away.

  15. Ashley Williams’s avatar

    Yeah, I agree very hard question but I woud have to say the State Fair has the best meals. I mean you can get almost anything: chocolate covered bacon, gyros, perfect corn-on-the-cob, funnelcakes, burritos, pizza, footlong corndogs, best of all the classic cream puff and so on. So I can get any meal I want that day and that’s what makes it the best!

  16. Anne’s avatar

    Does dessert count? If so Norske Nook, the original, out of Osseo, WI ranks as my most memorable stop over the years. Imagine how pleased I was to hear of their new locations in the state. Their pies are the best around and are a slice of Wisconsin not to be missed! Their signature pies are the best quality to be found anywhere around~

  17. deb heffner’s avatar

    the best food that i’ve ever had was cooked up by my gourmet-chef husband. exspecially his 6-egger omelets! memorable every day. memorable in every way. mmm- mmmm-mmmmm……..scrumdiddily-umptious!

  18. barb kron’s avatar

    the best food i’ve had is at mcdonalds at any of their southeastern wisconsin locations. great food. great price. great consistency. great scott

  19. ChrisW’s avatar

    Tough….my favorite food is pizza and the best pizza I’ve had is at Twelve Pines in Three Lakes. Small bar and grill, but the food is great. Nothing like it on a hot summer night after having spent the day on the water and at the beach.

  20. Todd’s avatar

    My wife and I always loved Pizza Man on the East Side of Milwaukee until it burned down. They had great pizza, as well as ribs.

  21. Mark’s avatar

    We had the best meal of our lives at the House of Embers in the Dells. Everything was sublime, even the dinner rolls. Wish we had one closer. I don’t get there that often.

  22. PAT’s avatar

    We had a very delicious meal at the Landing in Door county at my inlaws 50th anniversary celebration a few years back…beautiful dining experience.

  23. Skip’s avatar

    Our best meal was at Amy’s of Woodhaven between Mountain and Lakewood in the northeast part of the state. It was a from the forest theme featuring all the naturally available and edible items found in the Nicolet National Forest. It was great…

  24. Fred’s avatar

    If you love Friday night Perch; there is only one place to dine. The Sister Bay Bowl has the best perch fry you will find anywhere.

  25. Lynda Coon’s avatar

    The best meal I’ve ever eaten in Wisconsin? That is a tough question. There are so many fabulous eateries throughout the state! But home cooking really can’t be topped. For example, my husband’s pot roast or rib eye steaks are out of this world! My daughter’s lasagna is amazing but her “from scratch” chicken pot pie is the best on the planet! Then, my son-in-law impressed me beyond belief when he made a wonderful prime rib for last Christmas! Wow. How am I to choose? I guess I will have to say that my vote for the best meal I’ve had goes to my daughter. You would agree if you could try her chicken pot pie!

  26. Cayla’s avatar

    1) Brat Stop – Kenosha
    2) Frank & Pat’s Pizza – Green Bay
    3) Mariques Fish Fry – Green Bay
    4) Washington Island Fish Boil – Door County
    5) Kroll’s East – Green Bay
    6) Chili John’s – Green Bay
    7) The Right Place – Booyah – Green Bay

    All Legends & Bucket List Places to Eat!!!

  27. Travis Smith’s avatar

    Thanks for the great details! Looking forward to hearing more stuff about this!

  28. Tyveri alarm’s avatar

    Hey when will you launch the promo for this year 2011? I heard that The Ashbrooke in Door County has the best wine!

  29. Armando’s avatar

    wow I’m too late to arrive here. I remember when I and my family were visited Wisconsin I came to Fountain Park when there was Rotary Lobster Dinner in the Park, so great. And then we tried to Johnston’s bakery, they have a very tasty bread, moreover we are a big fan of bakery, we really enjoyed it. Btw, congrats for the giveaway winner.

  30. Perry Frulla’s avatar

    Most memorable meal was at the Paul Bunyan in the Dells. Several families all converged on the restaurant in almost a family-reunion kind of group a couple years back. It was one of the most fun afternoons any of us had for some time. It brought back memories of childhood trips from Illinois when our families used to pack it up for extended weekend trips. Travel, Wisconsin, and good food – great day all around!

  31. Anthony’s avatar

    I was born in Wisconsin but I do not live there… This place always be the best place for me to spend weekend. Unfortunately, I seldom eat my meal outside. My mother always cooks for me….Her meals are the best whatever they are…Btw, congratulations for the winners, you will have a great time in Wisconsin….you will love it…:):)

  32. chrissy’s avatar

    Marleys with the Dells Ducks hockey team my son plays on! Great food service and Dance floor. …

  33. chrissy’s avatar

    Seeing my son after a month and half enjoying a burger with his baby brother and sister at Monks before watching him and his teamates playing a winning game for Dells Ducks Hockey team!

  34. Caitlin Kempen’s avatar

    The best meal I’ve ever had in Wisconsin was when my husband and I visited the Wisconsin Dells for a romantic getaway. Sarento’s offered the most delicous italian food, complete with wonderful 7 course meal, lounge singer, and great cocktails. Would recommend this fantastic restaurant to anyone who loves italian food in a beautiful setting.