Wednesday giveaways! Door County & Green Bay!

Stay Longer weekend giveaways, Round Three!

We want to hear about your favorite Wisconsin Festival! State Fair, Summerfest, Cranberry Fest – they’re all fair game! What festival do you make sure to hit every year and what makes it un-missable?

We’ll pick two winners at random for today’s drawings. Giveaways are a night at The Ashbrooke in Door County and Ramada Plaza Hotel & Waterpark in Green Bay. Comments will close this evening at 10 pm CDT with a winner announced tonight!

Happy commenting!


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  1. Alana’s avatar

    My favorite summer festival would have to be Corn Fest in Sun Prairie every August. I love parking the car in the middle of a corn field, grabbing a “tote” of corn and listening to whatever live band happens to be performing while enjoying the amazing taste of fresh hot sweet corn (with butter of course!)

  2. Jake D.’s avatar

    Our family tries every year to hit the State Fair. The kids love it. The Wisconsin building is the best, in my opinion. The only problem it there is too much food to choose from.

  3. Mark’s avatar

    Summerfest in Milwaukee is my favorite not-to-be-missed Wisconsin festival. I love all the different ethnic bands they feature, and the different ethnic foods to go along with the music. I look forward to Summerfest every year!

  4. Jordan’s avatar

    The State Fair is a family favorite for us. We love the music, the food, the animals, and especially the displays in the buildings. We never miss it!

  5. Deborah’s avatar

    Strawberry Fest in Cedarburg is one of my favorites. Along with the usual wine-tasting and heavenly food they offer, I also enjoy the music. I love to stroll along the streets and listen to the live bands play. What a beautiful place to enjoy all of God’s blessings!

  6. terry liska’s avatar

    Summerfest music is a must. I never had a bad time at our Milwaukee’s SUMMERFEST. It does not matter what type of sounds you are into, you will find it @…. Music will fill your soul and keep you in all day and all night. thanks for the chance to comment,

  7. Donna heisel’s avatar

    I love, love, love State Fair! Ever since I could remember our family would go several times. Now my husband and I have been going with our kids who are 16 and 20 and still like going with us. We go at least six times, so much to do and so much great entertainment, food and just fun to people watch. I love all the other festivals, but State Fair gets my blue ribbon!:)

  8. Stevie’s avatar

    I try to go to any festival that my 3 yr old son would enjoy. I love going on the “kids discount” days. We look at the animals, play in the cornbox, and just walk around. He loves to look at everything and that makes me happier than anything else. You dont have to spend alot to make great memories!

  9. Jessica Hanson’s avatar

    The state fair!!! We spend the whole day there eating all the yummy food, checking out all the animal barns and the horse shows and finish the night off with the one of the concerts! It’s always a blast!!!

  10. nathan locke’s avatar

    The Farmers Market in Madison is one of the best in the midwest and the Dells are always a blast, but I’ve got to give it to Summerfest Music Festival. There is nothing like it in the world!!!

  11. Kim’s avatar

    When I was younger it was Summerfest. Loved being able to go to all the different music stages. Now it is definitely State Fair or any of the surrounding County Fairs and community festivals. So many different activities. Can keep the kids busy for hours. And State Fair would not be complete without a Cream Puff. Have to split with the kids nowadays…way to much.

  12. Julie H.’s avatar

    Rhythm & Booms in Madison for the 4th of July is an awesome celebration. It’s really impressive–biggest fireworks display around & it’s set to music! There’s food, entertainment & rides available too.

  13. Nick Erdmann’s avatar

    Kite Festival in Two Rivers is hands down Wisconsin’s best festival! We get a campsite at Point Beach State Park and make a week out of it. It’s so cool to see all the huge kites flying over the beach, not to mention the brats and hamburgers cooking on the grill, and the live music played. It’s an annual event for my family and friends!

  14. Jodie’s avatar

    Love, Love LOVE State Fair! Visiting the it slices and dices exhibits! I always leave with some sort of food preparation device every year! I live in Chicago for a few years now and still come back every August to visit!

  15. Kristin Cunningham’s avatar

    Wisconsin has so many great festivals… and I always enjoy the big ones whenever I can (Summerfest, State Fair, etc.) . But I’d have to say my favorite — the one I make sure to hit every year — is my local festival/fair. When I was a kid growing up in Kewaunee, it was Trout Festival. Now that I live in Columbia County, it’s been the Lodi Ag Fair. The Lodi Ag Fair is a wonderful community event, great for families, fun evening entertainment, and it’s free!

  16. Andrew’s avatar

    Summerfest with the fireworks that cannot be beat. Always a great time to see new and old bands. It brings our entire community together.

  17. Erika’s avatar

    Summerfest for sure. Since I’ve moved to the Milwaukee area, I can’t imagine not going at least two nights out of the 10. Even if the bands are less than fabulous, I just can’t pass up the opportunity for people-watching, funnel cakes, and fireworks. :-)

  18. Lilly’s avatar

    State Fair by far!!! Love the food and all the attractions. Our whole family goes every year.

  19. Erin’s avatar

    I used to love to go to Polish Fest & Irish Fest in Milwaukee, afterall I am 50% each! Now that I have moved 2 hours away and have two small children it’s hard to get away anymore! State Fair was always a winner in my book as a child as well, used to live 6 blocks away from the fair grounds!

  20. Laura’s avatar

    My favorite Wiscosnin Festival has to be the Wisconsin State Fair. I’ve gone every year since birth, and just love it. From the Cream Puffs, to the booths at the Ag Products Pavillion, to the great entertainment at the grandstand… it’s a must-visit. I love it so much, that I just bought a new house, and it’s within walking distance to the fairgrounds!

  21. Jane’s avatar

    We go to Chocolate Fest every year. The smell of the chocolate is wonderful, and seeing every year what they carve out of chocolate is always amazing.

  22. Stacy’s avatar

    I have never been to the State Fair or Cranberry fest but I’d love to go to both! We enjoy the Rock Co Fair locally each summer.

  23. Maggie’s avatar

    My favorite fesitival would have to be Door County’s Blossom Festival. I like to the the run they have and a weekend in Door County is hard to beat! And the sights with fresh spring flowers and the cherry trees in bloom! So many wonderful things to see up there and not enough time to do it in!

  24. jenn’s avatar

    My favorite festival is Sister Bay’s Fall Festival. It is an absolutely beautiful time to visit Door County! It’s usually around the 18th of October, right when the leaves are changing color. There are many little shops to visit, with lots of great deals! The highway gets closed so visitors can roam the Downtown village area safely. Many varieties of food are available at the local restaurants, and there are stands set up for BBQ, corn on the cob, caramel apple slices, etc. Vendors are selling arts and crafts throughout the weekend. The last day of the festival, ping pong balls are dropped from above! If you get a lucky ball, you get a gift from a local business. I am there every year (and I’m not alone!).

  25. PAT’s avatar

    There are no places as quaint as Door county’s villages with all the cherry trees in blossom! What an awesome “Sunday drive”. Great places to stop for lunch, breathtaking views, relaxing walks, or gift shopping.
    Door County, take me away!

  26. Becca’s avatar

    Summerfest- mostly just for the Big Bang. No matter where you are along the lakefront- it’s a spectacular kick off to the summer.

  27. Chris’s avatar

    I really enjoy going to Fish Days in Port Washington and also to Walleye Weekend in Fond du Lac. Both are very family friendly. Summerfest is a must for live music, however.

  28. Maggie’s avatar

    We have not missed a State Fair since moving back to Wisconsin in 1977. We always go on opening day, when the grass is still green and everyone visiting and working there are happy and energetic. Love the DNR building, the cattle exhibits, and, until last year when it got really messed up, the Flower Building. Our favorite food: the lamb salad in the Ag Products Building. Outstanding!

  29. james s.’s avatar

    Summerfest has been a summer destination for us a few times. With the mix of old & new bands they get every year makes it a blast. Door County, though, is my winner! My wife and I love the scenery, the relaxed setting and the great eats it has to offer. Fun!!!!

  30. Katie’s avatar

    I absolutely LOVE Irish Fest! All the yummy food, beer, great music and dancing… And let’s not forget the people watching! Give me a giant baked potato (fully loaded) and a beer and I’m a happy gal!