Wisconsin Dells named a top family destination in the world!

WOW – check out the great TripAdvisor lists of top travel destinations! Wisconsin Dells was named the third best family destination in the WORLD, behind EuroDisney in France and Tokyo Disney in Japan. What an honor!

From the TripAdvisor article:

Shaped by the currents and curves of the Wisconsin River, Wisconsin Dells has been a favorite family vacation destination for more than 150 years. An explosion of indoor water parks has turned the Dells from a summer hot spot to a year-round destination. Kids will enjoy the seemingly endless supply of fun and games, from go-karts to miniature golf, sideshows to thrill rides. If the weather’s right, you can take a Duck tour of land and water, and top it all off with a heaping helping of the local fudge.

Wisconsin Dells really does have everything, from elegant B&Bs and family-owned motels to familiar chain hotels and mega-waterpark properties. Already thinking of checking out the Dells this summer? There are plenty of tools at wisconsinlodging.org to help you plan your trip. Search by type of property (hotel, motel, B&B, etc.), search for places to bring your pet or facilities with waterparks, even book your room, all at the same Web site. Take your pick from nearly 150 Wisconsin Dells/Lake Delton area properties!


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