Day 8: 12 Days of Getaways in Madison and Wisconsin Dells

We’re back with the last drawing of the week (more next week!) with two getaways: Sundara Inn & Spa in Wisconsin Dells and American Lodge & Suites Madison South.

All subscribers to the WisconsINN Getaways monthly e-mail newsletter are automatically entered to win (you only need to sign up once!) so make sure you’re on the list. Bonus entries go to anyone who comments on our blog questions of the day below, with winners picked around 4 pm CST.

Day 8 Question: Yesterday we asked about the best gift you ever got (the story about Mom making Dad give the puppy back crushed my soul a little) and today we want to know what was the best, most exciting or meaningful gift you ever GAVE. Bonus giveaway entries to all who comment before 4 pm!

Good luck!


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  1. deb’s avatar

    I gave my elderly Mom and Dad a list of items I would help them with throughout the year

  2. Brenda’s avatar

    I had my first job when I was 14 – thought I was big stuff. I wanted to by something special for my mother. She said I should save my money. I bought her a rocking chair. To this day she still rocks the grandbabies to sleep in that chair.

  3. Corrina’s avatar

    As my in-laws age, it is difficult for them to get the little things done around the yard. Our gift to them was to trim their overgrown apple trees and shrubs, we also trimmed grass around the areas where the mower did not reach and around out buildings. They really enjoyed being able to reach the ripe apples this year and happy to have a spruced up place!

  4. Nancy’s avatar

    The gift of Love!

  5. Michelle Usadel’s avatar

    The most meaningful gift I ever gave – hmmm… It’s going to sound silly but I gave a triple plate to my mother in law for Christmas one year. She had told me about this servicing plate that she had early in her marriage and how she loved it for holiday cookies and deserts but that it had gotten broken and never replaced. The following Christmas I had one for her under the tree. It’s was such a little thing but it was as much the fact that I remembered her talking about it and went out and got one for her. Just shows as always, it’s much more the thought than the money spent.

  6. Chad’s avatar

    I coordinated a “girl’s weekend” w/ one of my wife’s friends and surprised her last year w/ spa certificates. A much needed getaway for a busy mom!

  7. Steve’s avatar

    The most meaningful gift I’ve ever given was this little toy cow. It seems silly, but when you put the cow in your hands it would moo due to your skin setting off the senors in its feet. I loved it as a child and kept it for years. I gave it to my oldest nephew last Christmas and hope he will enjoy it as much as I did as a kid.

  8. pa’s avatar

    A client of of our company was having a rough year in her marriage and financial life. To our business she always brought thoughtful little homemade gifts to the people that helped her. I sent her a gift certificate at Christmas without knowing how big of an impact it had on her till I ran into her several months after. Small acknowledgements sure can have a BIG impact. What a payback of good feeling I recieved.

  9. Merry Jo’s avatar

    My brothers and I sent our parents to the last Rose Bowl the Badgers played in. Unfortunately they will not attend this year as it is too difficult for them to travel the way they used to.

  10. maggie may’s avatar

    My sister lives 1,400 miles away, and can not travel home due to her

    finances. Every year she sends me, her younger sister, to pick up and

    deliver grocery store gift cards for her 2 sons, for christmas presents.

    She sends a hard-earned check to me for the gift card purchases.

    The check is NEVER cashed, ALL IS WELL. Maggie May