Join the Wisconsin Chapter of AH&LA's Under 30 Gateway! Membership is free for anyone employed at a WH&LA member property.

The Under 30 Gateway was established to engage industry professionals under age 30 through the development of unique resources, programs and educational opportunities.

Benefits of being a member of AH&LA's Under 30 Gateway
  • Education: Lodging magazine, AH&LA SmartBrief, discounts on EI training products
  • Industry Development: discounts to attend AH&LA and Gateway events
  • Career Development: mentoring program, professional development scholarships
  • Access: visit AH&LA's password protected website with articles & Q&As
Benefits of being a member of Wisconsin's Under 30 Chapter
  • Networking opportunities with other Under 30 members
  • Invitations to other Under 30 events
What would you receive if you sign-up for the Wisconsin Under 30 Chapter?
  • If your property is solely a WH&LA member, you will receive Wisconsin Chapter info
  • If your property is a member of WH&LA and AH&LA, you will receive Wisconsin Chapter and AH&LA Under 30 Gateway info
Download the registration form or register online now!